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Joint Ventures and Subsidiaries

The best presence your company can have in Japan is a direct one. Japan is the world's second largest IT market and often requires a direct investment in order to succeed. Tekinvest can assist to develop your business plan as well as help you find and evaluate partner opportunities in setting up you company's Japan operations. A joint venture with an established local partner allows your company to leverage the financial, unique technical, or sales channel resources of partner companies. We can assist you in selecting management, the outsourcing of operational and support services, as well as location. Combined with our ability to help you build and manage sales channels, we can provide a one stop solution to help you build your base in Japan.

Providing M&A and investment advisory services

Tekinvest can help you with the acquisition of a Japanese company. Merger and Acquisition activity in Japan has historically been very difficult. However, financial pressures and limited opportunities in Japan's public markets have created new opportunities for outside firms. For fast growing North American companies, acquiring a Japanese company can be a fast way to develop sales channels and add personnel.

Negotiating distribution & licensing agreements

Japan is the world's second largest IT market behind the US. Tekinvest has experience representing US companies in Japan and transferring its knowledge of the business landscape to the client company. We help client companies develop markets and channels that offer the best total coverage without limiting business potential. For companies that are new to the Japan market, we work with top management to develop an overall strategy and implementation scheme. We introduce opportunities with hardware manufacturers, system integrators, and trading firms. Although corporate inter-relationships in Japan can at times be confusing, we help overcome the difficulties. For companies already doing business in Japan, we can help expand your operations and sales channels. We can also help with difficult negotiations in non-performing relationships.

Venture Capital & Fundraising

Tekinvest works closely with early stage and entrepreneurial firms to help devise a financing strategy as well as in close on investments. We work with strategic as well as institutionally managed funds. Strategic investors can provide local market insight and expertise, making investment by a Japanese partner an attractive option for North American companies during early growth stages, and later, when establishing direct business operations in Japan.

Target MarketWe serve Business Software and IT Services companies looking to establish business or fix a broken business in Japan. PartnersMost major Japanese software and venture capital firms, electronics manufacturers and trading firms ClientsNielsen NetRatings
The leading internet measurement firm

Telverse Communications
A business Communications Application Service Provider

Mixx Entertainment

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