Kyoto Shisen-do Villa

By Tomoko Kamishima

The autumn beauty at Shisen-do Villa is amazing, with a garden sparkling with bright red maples. This was once a residence of a retired samurai, Ishikawa Jozan (1583-1672).


Takekoma Inari Shrine

By Andrew Kehohe

A 10 minute walk from Iwanuma station will put you at the eastern entrance to Takekoma Inari. Takekoma was founded in 842 A.D. by Ono no Takamura making it the second oldest Inari shrine in all of Japan.


Five Things About Haragei: The Japanese Business Language

Even if you have lived in Japan for many years, communication in the business world can often make you feel like you’re playing a constant guessing game. Messages can be hazy, details not specific enough, and questions sometimes seem to be forbidden. You are probably aware that the style of communication in Japan relies heavily on non-verbal cues. However, are you familiar with one of the driving forces behind this implicit style of communication?

Problems First

Do you find it hard to feel satisfied with who you are and what you've accomplished so far? If so, please consider adopting the following perspective...

Reading Between the Lines

When foreign executives are posted to Japan, they usually face a steep learning curve. Not only do they need to grasp the ins and outs of a unique marketplace, they also need to understand how to operate in a new culture...


This Editorial provides a special tribute to Japan and her people for their strength of character, discipline, and resilience in the face of adversity and disaster. It also chronicles the actions taken by JHRS to respond to the crisis and discusses the ways Japan HR professionals can do their share in Japan's national rebuilding.

Generational Diversity in the Japanese Workplace

The old and the young. Can they work together? Read this Editorial to understand the myths, facts, and opportunities in addressing the generation gap issue in Japan.

Slow and steady sets the pace

Time to turtle my friends in this rabid rabbit race.


Death by Mammoth

Standing strong in the howling wind, spear in hand, wolf-skinned shoulders, mark of the leader on his face and the scars to prove it.


2010: A JHRS Review of the Year that Was

Learn what issues and challenges Japan-focused HR pros have dealt and managed for 2010 based from the monthly polls that the Japan HR Society (JHRS) conducted this year.


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