"The dangers of blogging"

A teacher in Yokohama was sacked after the school found out that he had written “I want to kill her” and “die” about his female superiors on his blog.

The 29-year-old male teacher of a private primary school had been writing “die” 50 times and “I want to kill,”“If a teacher is murdered, it will probably because of me” on his blog since last month, according to the Yokohama Board of Education.

The male teacher had only been working at the school since April this year, and is reported to have said “I was unsatisfied with my boss’ leadership, but without having any outlet for this frustration, I wrote that. I had absolutely no intention of killing them.”

This clearly links to the Akihabara killing, where the murderer had written his intentions to kill in his blog. However, one of the issues surrounding the case was that he had been unhappy at work and was unable to talk about it.

The Yokohama Board of Education was obviously concerned that this could end up as another Akihabara-esque murder, yet the method of dealing with it seems unconstructive. Won’t sacking someone push them nearer to the edge?

JNN: http://news.tbs.co.jp/newseye/tbs_newseye3908036.html

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Maybe the Japanese should adopt the phrase "going postal" into their extensive gairaigo vocabulary!

How should they deal with these type of cases is an important question. But the safety of fellow teachers or more generally employees dictate that the worker not be allowed to continue employment.

Putting that type of negative inspiration on the blog was a stupid idea of the teacher. I personally would prefer someone smarter to teach our children.

What happened once can happen again. It is simple rule of statistics. Akihabara style killing can happen in Japan under the same circumstance. However, the cause of killing is not the blog posting, but the emotional frustration the volunteer had prior to the posting.

What is causing this frustration? Maybe he just needed to get laid time to time. Maybe, he just needed a friend to talk to.

Any way, some people should just grow up a little bit. Realize there is no bad guy in the world, you do not have to be a hero who slays the bad guys. Kick back, have a beer at the most reasonable places, have a cig, and get a good laugh on jokes.

That should take care of some stress you receive on daily basis.