"South Korea and Japan’s island dispute lead to crazy times…"

South Korea and Japan’s island dispute lead to crazy times…

“Islands row deflates Japanese condom sales drive in SKorea”—AFP

The AFP reported yesterday that South Korea’s subway system were forced to remove adverts for Japanese condoms amid increasing public anger over the Dokdo/Takeshima island disputes.

According to the report, 200 ads for Okamoto condoms, not depicting condoms but containing the slogan “No. 1 in Japan” were removed just five days after being posted.

“There were public complaints about promoting Japanese condoms and we immediately took action,” Seoul Metro spokesman Kim Jeong-Hwan told AFP. He says that there would not have been complaints had it not been for the island dispute issue flaring up again.

Obviously the fact that it was an advertisement for condoms is great for the media, with these newspapers and broadcasters having already picked up the story:

The Guardian
RIA Novosti
The Scotsman

However, an even gorier story appeared around the same time. According to The Standard, about 40 military veterans staged a protest outside the Japanese embassy by cutting off the heads of pheasants—Japan’s national bird. Apparently they then dripped blood onto Japanese flags and on pictures of PM Fukuda. It gets worse. The article claims that some of them even “battered birds to death with hammers. Others cut open bellies and ate the livers, shouting: “Dokdo is our territory!”

The Standard: www.thestandard.com.

BBC: www.bbc.co.uk

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