An important week for the Hatoyama government

Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio has returned to Japan after what appears to have been a successful introduction to the world in New York and Pittsburgh last week...

Who wants to buy at the top?

The one absolute, take it to the bank, bet the ranch fact you can count on right now is that there is no value in the stock market...

Knuckleheaded Nomura

The latest and largest equity dilution — approx. $5.6B; 30 percent s/o — by Nomura (JP: 8604) (NMR: 6.69 +8.78 percent) has sent its shares down 16 percent to 573 yen in Tokyo ($6.35 at ¥90.3/$1) following an earlier rout in NY...

Your next ten bagger

When readers ask me about my next ten bagger, I point them to the Chinese electric car company “Build Your Dreams”.

A cautious BOJ stands pat

As the discourse is slowly but surely tilting towards exit strategies, on the part of the central banks, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) opted today to maintain a very cautious stance towards the incoming green shoots and whether they will prove enough to lift Japan out of the mire.

Hellooo McFly!!

1.21 gigawatts, a failed car experiment and a bad hair-do was all you needed.

“Well... we are considering other proposals and we’ll get back to you”

The LDP heads into the wilderness

With less than ten days until the start of the campaign for the LDP's presidency, the field is shrinking, not growing...

Transition troubles

The work of picking a cabinet is done, said Hatoyama Yukio Sunday. He is scheduled to meet with Ozawa Ichiro Monday to finalize the lineup...

Tanigaki as the compromise candidate

For the second time in three months, an effort by younger LDP members to lead the party in a different direction has run out of steam not long after getting started...


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