The long, hard road out of debt

What does this debt problem hold for Japan`s future and what policy options are available to get us out of this mess?

The yen strengthens on the DJP whitewash

...but for how long will this last before things revert back to the way they were?


CNBC report

Blogger Tobias Harris discusses the DPJ's administrative plans.

The attention deficit

How one advertising company is making people take notice

Meet Japan's Democrats

The votes have been counted, and unsurprisingly the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) has emerged victorious, becoming the first party other than the LDP to wield a majority in Japan's House of Representatives since the LDP was created in 1955...

Japan's political world turned upside down

Despite a truly historic victory by the DPJ, the first time since the LDP was created that it has been defeated in a general election (and oh how it was defeated!), there is remarkably little to say...

Hatoyama is a problem for the DPJ

In the current issue of the Economist, the news magazine calls particular attention to comments by Hatoyama Yukio in an article in the September issue of Voice called "My Political Philosophy...

The election will be cathartic, but catharsis is short-lived

The general election is still six days away, but despite pernicious negative campaigning across Japan, the LDP seems to be incapable of reversing what the DPJ has taken to calling — switching from a meteorological metaphor to a geological metaphor — a "change in the earth's crust."

Strong yen the new norm as Japan poised to reform?

Interesting developments in the Nikkei ahead of the parliamentary election at the end of this month, which at this point looks as if it will finally bring an end to LDP rule...


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