Word Watch

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Hope you're feeling "three bars genki" despite all the "banzai commuting."

word watchBari San Genki. A hip reply to "Genki desuka?" (How are you?) It means "three bars healthy" and implies you're full of juice and ready to roll. Inspired by the antenna-power signal on cellphone screens. In English, just say "three bars."

ATM Syndrome. The uneasy feeling that someone might be peering over your shoulder while you're conducting transactions on a public kiosk, such as an ATM or a Net terminal in a convenience store.

Mobariman. A businessman on the move. Combines "salariman" and "mobile" (from mobile phones).

Banzai Commuting. On Japan's trains and subways, the practice among males of holding both arms high in the air to avoid being falsely accused of groping women.

Thumb Generation. Young ones coming of age who access the Net primarily through cellphones (pressing the navigation buttons takes a lot of thumb action).

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