Top 20 Keywords: i-mode Vs. Web

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The top keyword searches done by i-mode surfers differ significantly from those done by regular Web surfers.

We got to wondering recently which keywords i-mode users search for most (left), and how those differ from what regular Web users are looking for (right). The folks at Infoseek Japan obliged us:

i-mode searches   Regular Web
Ring melody 1 Chat
Screen picture 2 Free
Encounter 3 Wallpaper
Mail friend 4 Picture
Free 5 Fortune telling
Fortune telling 6 MP3
Game 7 Game
Chat 8 Ring melody
(Pachinko slot machine)
9 Game strategy
Search 10 Encounter
Animation 11 Screensaver
Adultery 12 Linux
Ayumi Hamasaki
(a singer)
13 Cell phone
Idol 14 MIDI
Mail 15 Search
Novel 16 Download
Morning Musume
(popular female group)
17 Morning Musume
Pachinko 18 Idol
Gay 19 Hotel
Movie 20 Windows
Housewife 21 Nude
Chain mail 22 Map
Horse racing 23 Mac
Area 24 BBS
Cell phone 25 Idol collage (Nude image with popular actress/ singer's face overlaid)
(Java-enabled i-mode phone)
26 Tokyo
16-note harmony 27 Mail friend
(Underground, usually connotative of porn)
28 Oni musha (Game software for PS2)
BBS 29 Sony
Screen 30 Serial

Sources: (regular Web searches); (i-mode searches)

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