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* Stephen Mansfield (Tokyo: The High-Tech Slum) is a British photojournalist and author based in Japan whose work has appeared in over 60 magazines, newspapers and journals worldwide, including The Geographical, South China Morning Post, The Traveller, Japan Quarterly, Insight Japan and The Japan Times. Subjects have included pieces on issues, travel, interviews, book reviews, cultural and literary themes. His photos have appeared in several books. One-man exhibitions of his photography have taken place in London and Paris. To date he has had eight books published, four of them on the culture and people of Laos. He is also the author of Japan: Islands of the Floating World, and the Insight Pocket Guide to Tokyo. He has contributed to Insight Guide to Tokyo, and Eyewitness Japan. China: A Guide to Yunnan Province appeared in 2001.

* Jasmine Pui (Cradle to Grave -- Your Life on a Chip) writes on medical technology, drug and research discoveries and patents for Chinese Review Weekly, which is published in Japan, China Health, Parade and various academic journals. She stayed in Kyoto for one week for a conference on carbon polymers for medical and seafaring applications. She holds a joint appointment for researching cognitive processes and minimizing iatrogenic (physician caused) errors in medical technology implementation and use at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and the University of Alberta in Canada.

* Craig Mod (The Other Side of the Coin) was inadvertently made to appear like a chimpanzee in the August issue of J@pan Inc. Though abusing interns is an age-old tradition in the publishing world, and Craig will probably be pursuing a musical career after his summer with us, we feel it is our responsibility to say that Craig emphatically does not look like a chimpanzee. In fact, on top of being a gifted musician, photographer, designer and writer, Craig has also been referred to as a "hunk" by members of our staff.

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