Back to Contents of Issue: June 2002

* ALEX STEWART (see "Walls Come Tumbling Down in Japanese Banking", "Ross to the Rescue") has been around Japan since 1976, mostly working in the securities industry. His love affair with the Kansai was immediate and finally consummated when he attended Tea school in Kyoto at the end of the bubble period. Thanks to the lavishness of the bubble economy, his employer, Baring Securities in Tokyo, continued to keep him in frugal but Tea-like style throughout the period. Independent since 1997, he returned to the Kansai for the third time three years ago. His company, Kansai Capital Access, provides assistance with venture financing, partnership introductions and investor relations, with its focus on the Kansai.

* MARK SCHREIBER (Blowfish) has been our finny correspondent since February 2000. He's been keeping a low profile in the back pages of our magazine, but finally decided to reveal himself. Schreiber has lived in Japan since 1965. His passions include crime and, rather, writing about them. His published nonfiction works include Shocking Crimes of Postwar Japan, Tokyo Confidential: Titillating Tales from Japan's Wild Weeklies and The Dark Side: Infamous Japanese Crimes and Criminals.

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