Japan's Internet Services -- Who's Who

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by Bryan Harrell

company name url/email/contact person/ tel and fax details
Asahi Net, Inc.
Asahi Bldg., 8F
6-6-7 Ginza
Tokyo 104-0061
Christopher Green
T +81-3-3569-3522
F +81-3-3569-3501
One of Japan's top ISPs, Asahi Net began operation in 1988, serving over 240,000 members and 7,000 corporations, with 190 self-owned access points in Japan. English customer service available.
FlyingColor Group, Inc./FlyingColor, Inc.
2-23-17 Ebisu Minami
Tokyo 150-0022
Todd Newfield, CEO
T +81-3-3760-9999
F +81-3-3719-5506
The FlyingColor Group is Japan's most innovative interactive marketing company. The firm incorporates specialist units in interactive strategy and development, mobile Internet solutions, interactive advertising & promotions, eCRM, and proprietary marketing technologies for total integration through the e-space.
MK International Ltd.
New River Tower 8F
1- 6-11 Shinkawa
Tokyo 104-0033
Kohei Tajima
T +81-3-5542-5960
F +81-3-5542-5965
Founded in 1991, MK International is now one of Europe's leading telecommunications project managers with a proven reputation in quality control, target completion, customer satisfaction and health and safety.

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