Wireless Lights Up -- The Players

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by Daniel Scuka

Software & Application Developers
Access Co Ltd. www.access.co.jp
Makes browsers for i-mode and other small devices
BSI Co. www.bsi.co.jp
Wireless content, application, and platform development
Gluegent Inc. www.gluegent.com
Mobile application development and consulting
MobileDreams.com www.mobiledreams.com
Mobile application development and consulting
Monde www.monde.to/imode/index.html
i-mode browser
MTI Ltd. www.miti.co.jp
Mobile content developer; mobile handset sales
Nnet KK www.nnet.ne.jp
Mobile content provider and application developer
Nooper.com nooper.com
Mobile application design and consulting
Openloop www.openloop.co.jp
Digital security systems
Phone.com www.phone.com
Makes browsers for cdmaOne phones
Pixo KK www.pixo.co.jp
Mobile application developer
Sourcenext Corp. www.sourcenext.co.jp
Mobile apps and utilities.
Sumea Interactive www.sumea.com
Mobile game developer for Java-enabled devices
Symfotech Japan www.symfotech.com
Software and SI for mobile devices
Vanguard KK www.vgkk.com
Content management system for i-mode, WAP, and the Web

Site Designers
Digital Magic Labs www.dml.com
Mobile Web developer
Studio Omame www.omame.com
Content design, illustration, site design

Service providers
Animobile Inc. www.animobile.com
Animation and character download Bug-Life Ltd. www.bug-life.com
Character-based delivery of content and communication
FlyingColor www.flyingcolor.com
Mobile marketing and advertising
Fujita Corp. www.fujita.co.jp
Online PIM service on i-mode
FusionOne KK www.fusionone.co.jp
Sync technology linking mobile devices with PCs
I-Chara KK www.i-chara.com
Character-based one-to-one marketing and social networking
Japan Communications Inc. http://www.j-com.co.jp
Mobile ASP and billing services
Livin' on the Edge www.edge.co.jp
Third-party billing services
Office Hikohki KK www.town-page.net/i.html
Localized flyer listing service for i-mode (Keitai Chirashi)
Digital Street www.ohnew.co.jp
Provides OH! i-search, an i-mode search engine and directory
Shaft Co. www.shaft.ne.jp
Enables content to be formatted on the fly for i-mode, EZWeb, and J-Sky
Shoeisha Corp. www.icardex.com
Credit card transaction clearing service on EZWeb
SnapTrack www.snaptrack.com
GPS technology for DoCoMo's DokoNavi

Content Providers
Artoon Co. Ltd. www.artoon.co.jp
Cellphone characters and anime design
Cybird Co. Ltd. www.cybird.co.jp
Mobile content developer
Enix Co. www.enix.co.jp
Offers Dragon-Quest game on i-mode (¥100/month)
Eurotechnology Japan KK www.eurotechnology.com
Europe-related content on i-mode; consulting
Gamelet.com www.gamelet.com
Customized games for all Web sites; marketing info
iKaiwa.com iKaiwa.com
Postcards, chakumero search engine, mobile site building tool, other content
Index Corp. www.indexweb.co.jp
Develops content for all mobile networks
Paul Bunyan Club www.pbclub.com
B&B reservation service on i-mode for Japanese traveling to the US, Canada, and Australia
Video Research Ltd. www.videor.co.jp
Weekly TV program rating service on i-mode
Yamaha Corp. 'Melo-cha' ringing melody download service on i-mode (recently surpassed 3,000 melodies)

Tool Builders & Enablers
ArrayComm Inc. www.arraycomm.com
Provides signal-boosting technology to PHS network operators
Arriya Solutions www.arriya.com
Enables content to be formatted on the fly for any device
Cosmic www.x-visions.com
Bluetooth solutions for wireless devices
CRC Research Institute Inc. www.crc.co.jp
Groupware for mobile phones
dB-SOFT www.db-soft.co.jp
"Hotara Panel" HTML editor features emulation for i-mode
EF Communication plaza2.mbn.or.jp/~ef_Communication/index.htm
MailDivide email software for mobile
Logica KK www.logica.com
Operates m-WorldGate, first commercially available cHTML gateway
Packet Video www.packetvideo.com
Enables streaming video and audio to any mobile device
Puma Technology www.pumatech.com
Intellisync Anywhere server for WAP
Tegic Communications Inc. www.tegic.com
Intelligent keypad input system
Youzan Inc. www.yozan.co.jp
Embedded W-CDMA terminal for home electronics and other devices

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