Authorized TLOs

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A TLO is a technology transfer office that is authorized by MITI and the Ministry of Education (the Monbusho) to sell or license inventions and distribute royalties to inventors and the university. As of mid-April 2000, 14 TLOs had been authorized:
Name (Approved In) Universities Served Contact Achievements


Center for Advanced Science and Technology

University of Tokyo

Megumi Takata, COO

Tel: +81-3-3461-4642

Helped form one of Science and Japan's first bioventures Technology in1999; 2 exclusive licenses
Tohoku Technoarch(1998) Tohoku University 2 licenses (engineering) (1998) 3 copyright sales
Kansai TLO

Principally Kyoto U

But it also solicits 1 software license inventions from many Kansai area universities 2 exclusive licenses and Ritsumeikan U. (engineering)
Nihon University Business Incubation Center (NUBIC) (1998) Nihon University At least 1 license
Waseda Technology Licensing Organization (1999) Waseda University  *
Institute of Tsukuba Liaison Co. (1999, established 1997) University of Tsukuba  *
Center for the Promotion of Science and Engineering (1999) Tokyo Institute of Technology Not available  *
Keio Intellectual Property Center (1999, established 1998) Keio University   *
Yamaguchi Technology Licensing Organization, Ltd. (2000) Yamaguchi University Not available  *
Hokkaido TLO (2000) Principally Hokkaido University Not available   *
Kitakyushu Techno Center (2000, established 1990) Principally Kyushu Technical University  *
New Industry Research Organization (NIRO)(2000) Kobe University and others in the Kobe region  *
Nagoya Industrial Science Research Institute(2000) Nagoya University and Nagoya Technical University  *
Kyushu Liaison Office(unofficial translation)(2000) Principally Kyushu U. Not available  *

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