Unwired -- Stars Of The Small Screen?

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Stars Of The Small Screen?
  • Openloop: provides mobile Web security systems (www.openloop.co.jp)
  • Access: makes browsers for i-mode (www.access.co.jp)
  • Phone.com: makes browsers for cdmaOne phones (www.phone.com)
  • Tegic: makes an intelligent keypad input system called T9 (www.tegic.com)
  • dB-SOFT: Makes HTML editor with built-in emulation for i-mode (www.db-soft.co.jp)
  • Dennotai: offers WAP software, mainly a site design tool (www.dennotai.co.jp)
  • Flying Color: provides permission-based mobile marketing (www.flyingcolor.com)
  • Puma Technologies: makes software that syncs keitai and server (www.pumatech.com)
  • Cosmic: develops Bluetooth-compatible firmware solutions (www.x-visions.com)
  • SnapTrack: makes GPS technology for DoCoMo's DokoNavi (www.snaptrack.com)
  • CRC Research Institute: makes groupware for i-mode and WAP (www.crc.co.jp)
  • Livin' on the Edge: provides third-party billing services for unofficial i-mode sites (http://www.edge.co.jp)
  • iKaiwa: offers sites a search engine registration service (www.ikaiwa.com/submit)
  • Japan Communications: provides ASP and billing services (www.j-com.com)
  • Bandai: sells animated characters as screen background (www.bandai.co.jp)
  • OH! i-search: offers an i-mode search engine and directory (www.ohnew.co.jp)
  • Studio Omame: offers content, illustration, and site design services (www.omake.com)

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