Unwired -- The Services

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Company: NTT DoCoMo
Rating: JJJ
Has the most sites. Best for cheap email and low-cost surfing. 440 sites, plus 9,200-plus unofficial ones.


Company: IDO
Rating: JJ
For speed freaks. 64-Kbps* transmission rates make it faster than most people's home connections. 200 sites.


Company: J-Phone
Rating: JJ
Tops when it comes to high-quality color graphics. About 100 sites.


Company: Tu-Ka
Rating: JJ
High sound quality. About 200 sites.


Company: H
Rating: JJ
Cheap voice, and it's the only service with no additional monthly fee for Web access. About 113 sites.


*That may sound fast to dialup drones, but it's nothing compared to the 2.074-Mbps speeds expected sometime in 2003. Speeds will reach 150 Kbps next year and 1 Mbps by 2002. All this, and no wires.

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