Birthing Tech Talent in Japan

Back to Contents of Issue: April 2000

by Kyoko Fujimoto

With the Net boom, Japan desperately needs more IT professionals. To help meet this need, Hosei University has started a one-year master's program. Geared toward those already in the workforce, the course is the first of its kind here to offer a master's in just one year.

While most Japanese IT programs focus on research, this one concentrates on practical business knowledge. Classes include architecture, programming, graphics, and digital content. Instead of writing a thesis, students are required to complete an IT project -- say, develop a software solution.

On the faculty are entrepreneurs and IS professors, as well as guest professors from overseas. Many of the entrepreneurs also serve on the advisory board, and the school encourages students to become entrepreneurs themselves. Board members include Vertex Link chair Kazuo Kanayama and NeoMagic chair Kamran Elahian.

Will the next Andreessen-san please stand up?

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