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The latest tech.

Canon FV M20 KIT

The FV M20 KIT is an updated version of the FV M100 KIT that debuted in March of this year. The 2.2-megapixel video camera has a 14x zoom lens that offers higher resolution and better visual quality. It has a round grip, which lets users hold the FV M20 KIT for a longer time without getting tired. Users can also print digital images by simply pushing the "Easy Direct" button if they have a printer compatible with the PictBridge standard. Canon expects worldwide sales of digital video cameras to reach a whopping 10 million units this year.

More Info: http://cweb.canon.jp/newsrelease/2004-06/pr_ixydvm3.html

Olympus Ferrari DIGITAL MODEL 2004

Camera maker Olympus and automaker Ferrari S.p.A. collaborated on the design of this red and sporty-looking digital camera. Olympus accepts orders only for two weeks, and plans to sell only 10,000 units worldwide, including 1,000 in Japan. This is a revamped model of the Ferrari DIGITAL MODEL 2003, the first gadget codesigned by the two majors. Accessories such as a case, a strap and a CD ROM also feature Ferrari's design.

More Info: http://www.olympus.co.jp/jp/news/2004a/nr040518ferraj.cfm

Sony ICD-B20

The ICD-B20 is a bit smaller than a mobile phone and records 16 hours and 10 minutes of sound. Its user-friendly interface sports large buttons and a big LCD. It uses two AAAA batteries, which allow the ICD-B20 to record 15.5 hours. It measures 30 mm in width, 103.5 mm in height and 16 mm in thickness, and it weighs 58g--including its two batteries. It comes in three colors: silver, white and red. Accessories such as AC power adaptors and microphones designed to record sound from mobile phones hit the market on July 21.

More Info: http://www.sony.jp/CorporateCruise/Press/200405/05-0531/

Sharp UX-F34CL and UX-F34CW

These two models, dubbed Fappy, are photocopy and fax machines that have Home Sensor functions, which alert users when doors and windows are open. (Users need separately-sold sensors to install at entrance doors and windows.) Users can forward these alerts to their mobile phones. Also, when users receive prank calls, the UX-F34CL and UX-F34CW play messages to reject such calls and hang up automatically. And when calls are made from the same phone number again, the machines automatically replay the rejection message.

More Info: http://www.sharp.co.jp/corporate/news/040526-a.html

Toshiba dynabook VX/2W 15LDSTW, dynabook VX/2W 15LDSW

These two models are the first notebook PCs that contain High-Visual-Quality Engines, or combined PC software and hardware technologies. They have a 15.4-inch clear superView LCD, which increases brightness by 20 percent over the latest model. High-Visual-Quality Engines feature functions make the visual quality as high as that of LCD televisions. Users can use a video player, a CS (communication satellite) broadcasting tuner and a game function without starting up Windows OS. Both laptops contain an 80GB hard disk. The size of the LCD is 15.4 inches.

More Info: http://www.toshiba.co.jp/about/press/2004_05/pr_j2401.htm

Canon PowerShot S60

The PowerShot S60 is the newest model in Canon's PowerShot S series. It contains a newly developed 3.6x zoom lens and has a wider-angle view and a more powerful zoom function than the current PowerShot S50. According to Canon, the UA lens has the greatest refractive index on the worldwide market as of May 2004. The PowerShot S60 has several other functionalities that are improvements on the current model, such as shorter stand-by time before startup, increased battery capacity and a greater variety of accessories.

More Info: http://cweb.canon.jp/newsrelease/2004-06/pr_pss60.html

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