Chieko's Diary

Back to Contents of Issue: March 2001

A young, unwired one tracks her i-mode usage for us.

by Chieko Tashiro

  • chiekoThese days I spend more time typing on my cellphone than talking on it. My input speed has improved, but I still find it too time consuming. Most annoying is when I'm typing and someone calls me -- the message I was working on disappears forever. Is there a function somewhere that automatically saves what I type? I really hope this part becomes easier.
  • I'd like to change my display screen. I've noticed that many people have their own, original graphics. I will make my own and have them downloaded soon.
  • Recently I can't live without the last train information. I work late and stay out late, and this small-screen service has saved me many times from having to camp out on the platform overnight.
  • I love to cook, but I get tired of thinking up what I can make for dinner every night. So I look up recipes on my keitai and it tells me what I need from the supermarket. Nice.
  • Subscribed to a couple of mail magazines via my keitai. Both of them are small, random collections of various topics -- zatsugaku. They're about 15 minutes of reading and I enjoy them very much. Usually read zatsugaku in the train or while I'm waiting for someone.
  • Oops, I almost forgot my father's birthday. I sent a special e-card to him. I hope he checks his inbox often.
  • My commute to work is so boring. It takes way too long. I can finish reading the headlines on my keitai, yet I still have extra time. A lot of games are available. My favorite is chess.
  • I guess i-mode--based communities are slowly forming. It's fun to visit them and find out what other people are doing and thinking, but, again, it's a pain to type ...
  • Registered at an online ticket shop. Now I can purchase concert tickets from my keitai. All the concert information is listed already -- I just pick one and the amount is automatically deducted from my credit card account. Groovy.

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