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The Editor's page

Darrel Whitten (Behold the Gray Panthers) has lived and worked in Japan for 31 years. He began his career in Japan in 1978 as an investment analyst for Nomura Securities, and has since been director and managing director of Japanese investment research for three major investment banks: Prudential Securities Japan, Lehman Brothers Japan and ABN AMRO Securities Japan. His insights provide an analysis of current trends from a historical context -- which is often neglected with each new investment fad or "bubble."
Michael Stanley (Farewell Dear Isle) has lived in Japan for 24 years, working in the fields of print and broadcast media. He is a veteran documentary photographer specializing in challenging envi-ronments such as deserts, rain forests, oceans -- and the cockpits of high-performance military aircraft. His work has appeared in Japanese magazines ranging from Bungeishunju to Elle Japon. He is also an analyst and commentator for Fuji TV news and a frequent contributor to J@pan Inc.
Tim Hornyak (Heavy Weather) is a Tokyo-based freelance journalist and photographer whose work has appeared in the Far Eastern Economic Review, Kyodo News, the Globe and Mail, Kyoto Journal and other publications. A firm believer in Chindogu (see "The Chindogu Champion," J@pan Inc, April 2002), the Montreal native is drawn to Japan's eccentricities: "One day I'm visiting an ancient temple west of Shinjuku; the next I'm looking in on the world's fastest supercomputer, in Yokohama."

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