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The Editor's page

Gordon Feller (Southeast Asia's "Tiger Cubs" Roar On, page 20) is a US citizen who has lived and worked in Asia for more than a decade. A graduate of Columbia University's undergraduate and graduate schools, Gordon began his long period of work in Asia while still a student. He is the author of more than 150 articles on Asian business, many of which look at the growing presence of Russian oil and gas companies in the Asian marketplace. Gordon can be reached via email at:
Lisa Suits (Rethinking Telecommunications Regulation, page 18) is a graduate of Georgetown University and MIT, where she earned a Masters Degree in telecommunications, technology and public policy. She has spent much of her career in the telecom industry, with a brief stint in the US govern-ment's commerce department. She spent five years with AT&T Asia/Pacific and subsequently moved to Cable & Wireless, where she is now the company's vice president of public policy.
Mayumi Saito (ETC System Stalls at the Gate, page 10) is a Tokyo-based freelance writer who studied at Kalamazoo College in Michigan. As well as contributing to The Japan Times, Pacific Stars and Stripes and other local publications, recently she started producing a new science info-tainment show, "Explore! Homunculus," that will start in October on Tokyo's TBS. As research for the program, and research into the psychology of the human brain, she now uses her own brain as test material.

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