Idees Fortes

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How about a fingerprint reader on the back of handsets for secure m-commerce?

Fingerprint Reader on Cellphones
We've talked about cellphones becoming wallets before. Imagine your cellphone has a fingerprint reader. The wallet service wouldn't be activated until you pressed your finger flatly onto the back of the handset, which would have a reader built into it. Once your print was read, an icon would appear saying you've been identified as you and are clear to make transactions. You could then buy something at participating merchants by pointing your cellphone at the cash register's IR port (or whatever). The amount would be subtracted from your account. This could also work at participating ATMs. You'd just point your cellphone at it, press the desired amount (Key-4 for ¥10,000), and select Enter. It'd also work at vending machines. Enter ¥120, press your selection, and off you go. You could just use coins, of course, but that's so last century.

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