JIN-416 -- Chirac's Foreign Affairs

Secret bank accounts, illicit affairs, slush funds, love children, sumo, manga and Franco-Japanese relations.
All featuring in this week's Japan Inc Newsletter Read Now

Terrie's Job Tips -- Learning Japanese - TP's Experience - Part Two: Method

We continue on with TP's experiment in learning Japanese with the specific target of being functional in the language to the point where he can work in Japanese and do business with Japanese-only colleagues. TP is a consultant and entrepreneur and is obviously used to breaking life problems down into logical steps, which I find quite fascinating, and appealing.


TT-422 -- Commercial Real Estate Bubble

Just this week, the Government of Singapore Investment Corp. (GIC) and Sumitomo announced that they will invest JPY150bn (US$1.2bn) in retail properties here, effectively joining a slew of other foreign real estate firms such as Australia's James Packer, Rubicon (Aus), NewStar (UK), Macquarie Bank (Aus), Morgan Stanley (US), and many others wanting a piece of the action. To see Terrie's perception of such activity Read Terrie's Take Now


JIN-415 -- Spas, Supermarkets and Spam

Thoughts and observations about onsens, supermarkets and meat in a can inspired by a trip to the ostensibly uninspirational suburb of Tamasakai form the content of this week's Japan Inc Newsletter Read Now

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Terrie's Job Tips -- Learning Japanese – TP’s Experience; Part One: Setting Milestones

Being able to speak Japanese opens so many more opportunities for the foreign worker in Japan, that whenever I get an email asking about jobs here, I invariably advise the person that if they can afford it, they should take an intensive Japanese course first.


TT-421 -- Part Three: Global Warming in Japan - Electric Cars

A weekly roundup of news & information from Terrie Lloyd. General Edition Sunday, May 20, 2007 Issue No. 421. This week's newsletter looks at alternative possibilities for fuel cells in the context of global warming in Japan Read Now


JIN-414 -- The Defense of the Indefensible

This week's newsletter makes uses of some recent research findings to consider Japan's place in the arms race in Asia. As Japan acquires more and more arms, relaxes its laws on arms exports and debates changing its constitution, should Japan take greater care of the diplomatic language it uses? Read Now