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Issue No. 83 (Lite Version)
Tuesday, December 2, 2002

+++ Noteworthy News
--> J-Phone's Japan 3G Launch Tests Water for Vodafone
--> PUSHING THE ENVELOPE: Tapping into the future of wireless
--> Cybird Chief Honored by Time Magazine
--> Small CCD, Signal Processing Chip Keys to Thinner Cell Phones

+++ Events
14-17 January 2003, Tokyo, Japan
>>> TPC, ICA, Code-J Xmas 2002 Party
Friday, December 6, La Boheme in Shirogane-dai

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+++ Noteworthy News
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--> J-Phone's Japan 3G Launch Tests Water for Vodafone
Source: Reuters on Forbes.com, Nov. 30

EXTRACT: After twice delaying a planned launch, Japan's J-Phone is finally set
to start commercial 3G services this month, testing the water for British parent
Vodafone Group. Japan's third-largest mobile operator is expected to offer
international roaming from the start to give itself a competitive edge over its
two main rivals, who already offer 3G services, but in general it aims to build
up services gradually, analysts say. "Market expectations for the service are
very low," said Bruce Kirk, an equity research director at KBC Securities. "I
don't think we will see a full commercial service for at least another 12
months...The launch will be a very small sparkler rather than a firework."

COMMENTARY: Japan will become the first market anywhere with three competing 3G
operators providing three different 3G systems (two of which are W-CDMA-based) -
only Korea, with its mix of CDMA 1X/1X EV-DO carriers, offers anything
comparable. Matthew Nicholson, from J-Phone PR, said, "Our users have been
telling us they are not completely satisfied with current 2G services."

He adds that J-Phone customers want to use their phones abroad as well as at
home. "With our 3G commercial service, we are aiming to meet these needs by
offering a truly international service that conforms to 3GPP standards. Of
course, J-Phone is also working on videophone services, mobile commerce
services, and other services that are mentioned as becoming possible with 3G
networks." He specifically mentioned that with 3G, J-Phone users "will be able
to roam in major destinations using W-CDMA/GSM dual-mode handsets - or, in the
case of single mode handsets, by taking the SIM card out and placing it into
another handset."

Nicholson also said that mobile users from overseas who visit Japan will
eventually be able to roam on the J-Phone network here via "plastic roaming;"
they need merely remove the SIM card from their handset and place it into a
rental phone to roam on J-Phone's W-CDMA system (he mentioned this service is
not yet in place and didn't offer a timeline for deployment).


--> PUSHING THE ENVELOPE: Tapping into the future of wireless
Source: The Japan Times, Dec. 1

EXTRACT: In late 2001, domestic heavyweight NTT DoCoMo, flying high on the
popularity of its i-mode mobile Web service, launched the world's first
ultrahigh-speed, "third-generation" wireless network. By now, Japanese i-moders
were supposed to be busily videoconferencing, watching movies, listening to
audio in real-time and speedily 3G-surfing the Web pretty much everywhere.
Instead, 3G seems stuck in neutral and DoCoMo - resoundingly brought to earth by
the embarrassing meltdown of multibillion-yen i-mode-based investments in
European and American mobile carriers - appears to have gotten its fingers

COMMENTARY: This is a well-written story (by your present correspondent, that
is) that covers some of the upcoming technologies and services due for 2003. The
quote I liked the best came from Jeff Funk at Kobe University, who said: "The
sale of digital cameras will decline as most people use their phones as
cameras," predicts Funk.

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--> Cybird Chief Honored by Time Magazine
Source: Japan Times, Nov. 26

EXTRACT: Time magazine has picked Kazutomo Robert Hori, president and chief
executive officer of Cybird Co., a mobile Internet-content provider in Tokyo, as
one of the magazine's 15 "Global Influentials" for 2002. Hori's "revolutionary
idea - to charge subscription fees to cell phone users for online content -
helped hatch Japan's mobile-Internet industry," said the Asian edition of the
U.S. magazine, published Monday.

COMMENTARY: Cybird subscribers have jumped 55 percent to 7.3 million in the past
six months according to this report, making the company one of Japan's leading
content providers. They are also launching a new branded SIM-card business in
Asian GSM markets including Taiwan, offering a new twist on the MNVO concept
(mobile virtual network operator). Atta boy, Hori-san: good for you, and good
for Japan.


--> Small CCD, Signal Processing Chip Keys to Thinner Cell Phones: Matsushita
Manager http://neasia.nikkeibp.com/wcs/leaf?CID=onair/asabt/intvw/219315
Source: NEAsia Online, Nov. 28

EXTRACT: The new Matsushita "P504iS" mobile phone equipped with two built-in
cameras features a thickness of only 18.8mm, just 2mm thicker than the previous
"P504i" model. When Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd.'s Mobile
Communications Company developed the previous model, which was released in June,
the company had no intention to introduce CCD-camera modules in this series of
cellular phones.

COMMENTARY: This story, an interview with a Matsushita engineering group
manager, is an excellent account of how tiny innovation is driving Japan's
handset industry. The handset in question uses camera modules provided by Sanyo
Electric, indicative of the deep (and often
unacknowledged) level of cooperation between keitai makers in this country.

14-17 January 2003, Tokyo, Japan

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value services into revenue across Asia-Pacific, Europe and the US.

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