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Issue No. 68 (Lite Version)
Monday, August 19, 2002

+++ Noteworthy News
--> DoCoMo to Offer Discounts to Some i-Mode Customers
--> Fujitsu to Supply RAN System for KDDI's CDMA2000 1xEV-DO 3G
--> NTT DoCoMo Camera Phone Shipments Top One Million
--> Mobile Phones with Built-in Camera Enter 'Pixel' Competition

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+++ Noteworthy News
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--> DoCoMo to Offer Discounts to Some i-Mode Customers
Source: Nikkei on Yahoo.com, August 18

EXTRACT: NTT DoCoMo will start offering a discount September 1 to
people paying more than 30,000 yen per month for the firm's i-mode
Internet access service for cellphones, company sources said. Charges
in excess of 30,000 yen will be reduced by 33 percent. The aim is to
improve a corporate image tarnished by complaints from customers
claiming to have been overcharged.

COMMENTARY: Nice problem to have! The move appears to be a response to
growing complaints from users about excessive monthly usage fees. Now
that Big D has caught up to J-Phone and has a camera phone on offer
(see news item below) and considering the hyperpopularity of Java
games (which are now up to 30KB in size), i-moders are receiving a
heck of a lot more data than before -- and paying through the nose at
0.3 yen per 128-byte packet, thank you very much. This discount will
only affect the top two to three percent of heavy users, and will
likely shave five billion yen off of DoCoMo revenues for the current
fiscal year.

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--> Fujitsu to Supply RAN System for KDDI's CDMA2000 1xEV-DO 3G Network
Source: Fujitsu PR, August 8

EXTRACT: Fujitsu today announced that it has received an order to
supply a radio access network (RAN) system for KDDI's synchronous
IMT-2000 CDMA2000 1xEV-DO-standard 3G mobile network operating in the
800MHz band. KDDI's new CDMA2000 3G mobile network is expected to
begin offering commercial services in the second half of 2003. For
this project, Samsung Electronics, which has operational experience
with CDMA2000 3G wireless communications networks in Korea, will
supply Fujitsu with base transceiver stations and base station

COMMENTARY: KDDI already operates a 3G CDMA2000 1X network (max data
speed: 144Kbps), whose infrastructure was supplied by Motorola; the
system opened on April 1 and is kicking NTT DoCoMo butt in the Japan
3G race. This announcement is significant as it is the first time in
recent memory that a Korean equipment maker has been brought in to
serve as a major infrastructure supplier (albeit as sub-contractor).
The more intriguing question is, What happened to Motorola? As the
current CDMA 2000 1X vendor, wouldn't they make the most logical
choice to serve as 1xEV-DO vendor as well? Wireless Watch Japan smells
smells bad blood between the Americans and the Japanese...


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--> NTT DoCoMo Camera Phone Shipments Top One Million
Source: Reuters on Yahoo.com, August 16

EXTRACT: NTT DoCoMo said on Friday it had shipped more than a million
camera-equipped mobile phones since launching them in June, gaining on
photo phone pioneer J-Phone. DoCoMo's total shipments of
camera-mounted phones, which can take photos and allow them to be
shared with other phone users, totaled 1.05 million units as of
Thursday, said a spokesman for DoCoMo. After watching competitors roll
out camera-equipped mobile phones and threaten its dominant position,
DoCoMo launched its own version on June 1, made by electronics maker
Sharp. In mid-July it launched two more, manufactured by Mitsubishi
Electric and Fujitsu.

COMMENTARY: After waiting over a year to field a camera model (during
which J-Phone cleaned up -- it now claims 6-million-plus camera-phone
users), DoCoMo finally came to market with its first model in June;
Big D's first was a virtual copy of the J-Phone model (also made by
Sharp). But the DoCoMo models do not have Java (J-Phone's do) and the
carrier still seems uncommitted to multimedia messaging on 2G. Maybe
this news will change corporate strategy and -- ironically -- serve to
delay full implementation of FOMA (the 3G system) even more?


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--> Mobile Phones with Built-in Camera Enter 'Pixel' Competition
Source: Nikkei AsiaBizTech, August 19

EXTRACT: Following J-Phone -- the pioneer in this category of products
-- all the other Japanese mobile carriers are launching handsets with
a built-in camera, which is now regarded as a common feature for
mobile phone handsets. Reaching the next stage, mobile carriers are
now entering competition in the quality of pictures -- determined by
the number of pixels implemented in a camera phone. Mass-produced
camera modules with one-million pixel resolution are expected to be
rolled out by makers late in 2003. It will lead to the emergence of a
handset with a megapixel camera equivalent to a low-end digital camera
as early as the end of 2003.

COMMENTARY: According to some definitions, camera keitais are fast
morphing into effective digital cameras and therefore comprise a
disruptive technology. Who would invest 20,000 yen in a digicam
**and** 20,000 in a celly when you can get both in one device? If
you're a digicam maker, we bet you're thinking long and hard about how
to wireless-enable your products.

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