WW-122 -- Breaking News Live from France! -- A new milestone for i-mode: 2 million subscribers outside Japan

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Issue No. 122
Thursday, February 26, 2004

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@@ Viewpoint: Breaking News Live from France! -- A new milestone for
i-mode: 2 million subscribers outside Japan

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@@ Viewpoint: Breaking News Live from France! -- A new milestone for
i-mode: 2 million subscribers outside Japan

Big news from the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes. The number of i-mode
subscribers outside Japan exceeded 2 million at the end of January. This
was a blast of sunlight for DoCoMo under the cloudy skies of the
Cote d但zur.

I-mode is currently available through seven operators: KPN Mobile
(in the Netherlands), E-Plus (Germany), BASE (Belgium),
Far East Tone (Taiwan), Bouygues Telecom (France), Telefonica Moviles
(Spain) and WIND (Italy).

Greek operator Cosmote will launch i-mode prior to the upcoming Athens

It was important for the European i-mode operators to convince local
content parties to provide i-mode content. The i-mode revenue share is
more attractive for content providers than for other carriers. T-Mobile
and Vodafone sell ringtones, wallpapers and games under their own brand,
thereby directly competing with other content providers, something KPN
and Bouygues don稚 do.

Bouygues and KPN provide i-mode premium subscriptions -- not pay-per-
downloads. As in Japan, subscriptions do not expire by the end of the
month but are automatically extended until the customer cancels the
subscription. According to Bouygues's i-mode roadmap manager, Cedric
Nicolas, half of the i-mode users subscribe to three premium services,
and the average subscription period is 6 months.

Among the i-mode operators outside Japan, we are most impressed by
Bouygues Telecom, who have signed up more than 500,000 subscribers.
Their i-mode approach is closest to what DoCoMo has done in Japan.

A major difference between Bouygues and KPN and Telefonica is that
Bouygues fully committed itself to i-mode. Telefonica -- which does
not carry the i-mode brand -- promotes WAP- and MMS-services as well.

The KPN Group provides i-mode services for handsets, like Nokia and
Siemens, that are not completely i-mode compliant. This makes it
difficult and more costly for content providers to render content for
all phones. Bouygues, to the contrary, only supports i-mode phones
that are 100 percent i-mode compliant, like the NEC, Toshiba and
Mitsubishi phones.

This year, Bouygues will face stiff competition from French operator
SFR, who recently introduced mobile Internet services based on Vodafone
Live!. I-mode subscriber growth in the Netherlands and Germany suffered
from the launch of the Vodafone Live! services. Only after introducing
i-mode for prepaid users did KPN see a dramatic growth in i-mode.

European i-mode market growth must mainly come from existing i-mode
operators, as KPN痴 offer to acquire English mmO2 was rebuffed last week.
There were rumors in Cannes that DoCoMo had an interest in developing
closer ties with mmO2. Will they singe their fingers again after their
disastrous investment in KPN? Stay tuned.

-- Arjen van Blokland, reporting from France

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Written by Arjen van Blokland; Edited by Roland Kelts


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