WW-121 -- Japanese Content Providers Move Abroad -- Will the second wave be more successful?

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Issue No. 121
Wednesday, February 18, 2004

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@@ Viewpoint: Japanese Content Providers Move Abroad -- Will the
second wave be more successful?

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@@ Viewpoint: Japanese Content Providers Move Abroad -- Will the
second wave be more successful?

When i-mode was introduced to Europe and Taiwan, DoCoMo took its most
successful content providers to the European carriers. Most of the
Japanese content providers preferred to stay under the i-mode umbrella
because of digital rights problems with the WAP handsets available
in overseas markets. Once downloaded on WAP handsets, content could
be easily copied or forwarded to other handsets. I-mode handsets
prevent users from doing this.

Ringtone providers like Cybird, Yamaha and NEC have now established
brands in the i-mode portals. These companies have not been able to
replicate their Japanese success stories -- yet. Cybird痴 overseas
sales account for only 18 million yen, which is 0.4 percent of
their total revenues.

Two ringtone providers, For-side.com and Oricon, have recently
entered overseas markets. We will take a closer look this week at
Japan痴 leading ringtone provider For-side.com, which has made some
amazing advances overseas.

For-side.com was a late arrival in the Japanese market. The company
was established in 2000, more than a year after the introduction of
i-mode. By that time the content market was already quite competitive
and difficult to enter as a newcomer.

Through an aggressive growth strategy, For-side.com has been able
to become a major player in the download services market -- with
more than 100 sites in i-mode, EZweb and Vodafone Live!. For-side
has been able to distinguish itself by offering an enormous database
of ringtones -- 50,000 unique songs -- and thematic download sites
for movies and cartoon ringtones. For-side.com also operates a
search engine for ringtones and images. The company was listed on
the JASDAQ in October 2002.

To facilitate further growth, For-side.com has established subsidiaries
in Korea, the US and the UK. Recently, Korea officially opened its
doors to Japanese culture. For-side.com took the opportunity to provide
J-Pop "chaku-uta" and video-clips that were already very popular in
the Korean undergound scene.

In January, the chaku-uta services were launched in Korea痴 KTF portal.
Wallpaper services for AT&T Wireless started last week. For-side.com's
UK office will target Europe starting with the UK and French markets.

The company痴 approach differs from that of its Japanese competitors:
For-side seeks to drive growth through as many channels as possible.
Surprisingly, it did not use the i-mode carriers to jump-start
its services abroad. We expect that once chaku-uta services are
launched in the European market, For-side.com will be very well-
positioned, as it has already contracts in place with the
major record labels.

-- Arjen van Blokland

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Written by Arjen van Blokland; Edited by Roland Kelts


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