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Suzanne Price is an expert at designing, facilitating and implementing diversity and inclusion training programs and initiatives and has a wide range of experience working for multi-national organizations across industries in Asia, USA and Europe. In 2003, she founded Price Global, as a change agent specializing in Diversity and Inclusion based in Tokyo and New York City providing experiential training programs and coaching for diverse groups and facilitating cultural change through Diversity and inclusion workshops and acting as an external advisor for diversity councils.

Beginning her professional career with 12 years as a Psychiatric Nurse and a Psychotherapist in her native UK, Japan and Australia. Suzanne transitioned into organizational development in 1999 and adapted her application of Gestalt Psychology into coaching, group facilitation and training while later living in New York.

Price Global are particularly known for experiential Female Leadership Programs, Executive Presence Workshops, Interactive Drama Approach to Diversity training, Awareness of Un-conscious Biases, Maternity Coaching, Cross-Cultural programs, coaching high potential diverse talent and strategy consultation.

On top of running her own company, Suzanne also served as Diversity Manager for UBS Securities - part time and with a very flexible working arrangement from 2005 – 2010. Suzanne’s achievements in that role include benchmark numbers for all diverse groups compared with other companies in Finance industry in Japan such as the number of women in senior positions, the number of people with disabilities, external awards including one of the top 100 companies for Japanese women in the Nikkei Women’s Magazine, ranked 2nd in the Hewitt Best Employer in Japan and the top 20 Hewitt Best Employer in Asia awards as well as the Japanese ‘Kurimin’ award for family friendly initiatives. Suzanne was also involved in founding the first inter-bank LGBT forum in Asia Pacific and serves as a board member for The Association for Women in Finance in Japan.

As a consultant, Suzanne’s methodology is highly experiential and is based on a solid, practical background in applied psychology and how change happens. She is unique in that she has experienced diversity strategy driven out of the USA and UK and Asia Pacific and led diversity initiatives both as an internal D&I manager and as an external consultant and can fully adapt global strategy to be delivered locally where needs call for something different.



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