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Japan Economy News is written and edited by Ken Worsley, a longtime resident of Tokyo and senior partner at a Tokyo-based firm specializing in strategic consulting, market entry, marketing and multilingual web-based solutions for a wide variety of clients in Japan.

He writes a regular column, Back & Forward, for Japan Inc., a monthly business magazine based in Tokyo, and has also been published in Central Banking Quarterly and Metropolis, Japan’s largest English language weekly magazine by circulation. Interviews with Ken on topics concerning business in Japan have appeared in Newsweek, Newsweek Japan, The Japan Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, Sports Nippon and the Korea Herald. He has also been interviewed on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Radio New Zealand. In addition, he has offered commentary on the Metropolis Magazine's MetPod, a weekly podcast focusing on life and affairs in Japan.

Along with Albrecht Stahmer, Ken is the co-host of BizCast Japan, a production of Trans-Pacific Radio in Tokyo.


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