The Buzz On The Japanese Economy

Popular myth and, allegedly, the laws of aerodynamics have it that the bumblebee should not be able to take flight.

Yet still, our good bumblebee refuses to be weighed down by such details and continues to take flight, oblivious to the controversy.

This allegory applies, with some imagination, to Japan's economy too.

Esprit de Core

How to keep staff motivated in bad times, and to keep them in good times.

Spend And Save (The Economy)

Credit-worthy surplus countries must expand domestic demand relative to potential output to revive the world economy.

A cautious BOJ stands pat

As the discourse is slowly but surely tilting towards exit strategies, on the part of the central banks, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) opted today to maintain a very cautious stance towards the incoming green shoots and whether they will prove enough to lift Japan out of the mire.

The long, hard road out of debt

What does this debt problem hold for Japan`s future and what policy options are available to get us out of this mess?

What a run on the dollar could mean for Japan, the yen

In 1996, in The Future of Capitalism, Lester Thurow observed the following...

How do you solve a problem like the freeters?

One policy area that could see cooperation between a DPJ-led government and the JCP (and the SDPJ) is the treatment of non-regular workers (mentioned here)...

The Asian rush to lock up global food sources

Fortune magazine ran an excellent article about the flood of institutional money pouring into agricultural land, a sector I have been harping on for some time (see earlier piece)...

Why the US will not become Japan

I drove over the Benicia Bridge today, passing over ships unloading Toyotas from Japan. The company’s entire product line was there, from Lexus to Prius to Corolla, baking in the sun, still wrapped in plastic, and unsold by the thousands, the victims of a 40 percent YOY sales drop...

The green bubble cometh

Get your wallets out and open them up as it is time to “go green” in the next economic bubble.


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