What Sweden Can Learn From Japan's Wireless Web Content Providers

A few months back two very bright students from Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology interviewed us for their master thesis on what Sweden can learn from Japan's wireless Web content providers. They've finished with their paper, and agreed to let us share it here.

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Wireless Predictions for 2001

PDAs and cellphones won't merge, the i-mode brand will show up everywhere, wireless gaming will eclipse PC gaming, there will be reverse brain-drain from West to East ...
by Renfield Kuroda

Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

While Japan's cellular operators were targeting generation-Y types, Europe's WAP operators were going after serious business users. Who was being more serious?
by Renfield Kuroda

Enough Already! Cellphones Are Not Unwieldy

Let's get this straight: cellphone screens are not too small for Internet use, handset batteries are not too weak to be practical, and the tiny keypads are not too hard to type on.
Renfield Kuroda

DoCoMo: Easy Cell

Foreign cellcos are racing to ally with DoCoMo. Perhaps they should look more closely under the flip-case.
by Daniel Scuka

NTT DoCoMo Officially Ties Up With AOL

The deal will give a boost to AOL's efforts in Japan, but more importantly to its wireless efforts in the US and elsewhere.
by Daniel Scuka

With this week's formal announcement of the long-rumored NTT DoCoMo-AOL tie-up (see "DoCoMo's Tango With AOL Japan -- Just the First Dance?" ), the details are public for the first time, and it's clear that this is no ordinary deal.

What's So Great About i-mode?

i-mode is hardly a clever new technology, so why the sudden international interest in teaming up with DoCoMo?
by Daniel Scuka

Where Have All the Samurai Gone?

It's time for a reality check. Let's put aside all the talk about DoCoMo and the New Economy for a moment. According to the World Economic Forum, Japan doesn't even make the Top 20 list of competitive nations anymore.
by John R. Malott

John R. Malott was a noted "Japan Hand" during three decades of service as a U.S. diplomat. He now resides in Southern California and can be reached at Johnmalott@aol.com.

You've Got DoCoMo!

An interview with @Asia Inc. CEO Paul Anders Schwamm on the long-term implications of the tie-up between AOL Japan and NTT DoCoMo.
by Daniel Scuka

Paul Anders Schwamm is CEO of @Asia Inc. (www.atasia.com), a fast-growing leading developer of Asian-language Web sites. The company's Bargainnews.net site was recently selected by Lycos as the best bargain-related site in Japan. We asked Schwamm about the strategic implications of the recently announced tie-up AOL Japan and NTT DoCoMo. -- Daniel Scuka

The Digital Divide Goes Global

At first glance, Japan seems an unlikely candidate to lead an effort to close the "global digital divide." So what do the Japanese know that the rest of the world doesn't?
by John R. Malott


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