Top performers emerging markets

Anyone who had any doubts about where the future of equity investment lies should check out international index moves since March 9. Although the US enjoyed a 26 percent leap, the best in 70 years, it ranked only 25th globally. The top performers list is dominated by emerging markets. The Ukrainian stock market was up 67 percent, followed by Puerto Rico, 53 percent, Romania, 49 percent and Peru, 49 percent. Next are Russia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Egypt, Greece, India, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Singapore, Taiwan, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey, Israel, and Croatia. Granted, many of these markets moved so much because they are illiquid. But looking at the list I get a strong whiff of commodities, energy, and international trade, themes I believe will dominate for the next decade. The new big trend has shown its hand. Smart investors will use this rally to lighten up on the US and increase holdings in higher growth emerging markets. Or you can buy the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (EEM). I wonder if Rosetta Stone (RST) offers a learning program in Ukrainian?

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