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April 2002 Issue


  Auctions Booming, But So Are The Crooks
Internet auction houses are one of the few growth areas of e-commers, but it's not all happy families.
  Drug Tester Bent On Speeding Up Clinical Studies
Drug testing company EPS has massive potential in Japan--and it also has its eye on China.
Radar Screen
  Switched On
Sony's Clie organazers are great to look at, but are they a case of style over substance? We take them for a spin.
  Xbox Launch
Microsoft's latest bid for world domination aims for a slice of the lucrative gaiming market.
  From The Editor
The Story of J@pan Inc
  A Work In Progress
Tokyo's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation looks to the future, not the past.
  Japan Wireless Rocks
Richard Siber explains why Japan has so much to offer the world when it comes to the future of telecoms.


  Wireless Hotspots
High-speed, wireless Internet access is coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Broadband hot spots are set to be the next proving ground for the Japanese telcos and it looks like good news for their customers.
  The Chindogu Champion
Portable pedestrian crossings and combination locks that take 3 trillion years to crack -- chindogu are the useless wonders of the inventing world where Kenji Kawakami dreams on.
  Sucess In Small Packages
As major companies fail or become enmeshed in scandal on an almost daily basis, Henry Scott-Stokes argues that the way ahead for Japan lies with its small enterprises.

Investor Insight

International Investor Relations
Japan has heard the call from outside to change a thousand times, but does the country just need more gaiatsu (foreign pressure), or does it think it can hang in a bit longer until the world comes 'back to center?'
  Japan in 2002: Mired in a long dark tunnel, or riding a 20 year take off?
  The Case for the Defense
  Interview with Cybird President- Kazutomo Robert Hori


Forty-somethings read i-mode spree

Japan Studies

Is the Japanese Language Going to the Dogs?
Generation and gender differences in the living language (part one of a two-part series).


Products of the year, where to find a bride and Japan's best stores.

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