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November 2001 Issue


  Attack of the killer freestyle SKI-BOT
This ski-jumping robot lands upright -- mostly.
  Happy birthday to us
A look back on the events -- from Bit Valley to biotech -- that helped define our first 2 years.
  Off the Economic Radar with Eamonn Fingleton
A book-writing contrarian says high-tech manufacturing puts Japan at the top of the heap -- above even the United States.
  Japan helps knit the global net
Japan emerges as a key player in international IT and e-business development programs.
PDAs rule. Here are the top ten.
Radar Screen
This month: Payment-One, robotics developer ZMP, sculptor Shunji Mitsuyoshi's AGI, and more.
  Roboman Satoshi Amagai
The head of Sony's Entertainment Robot Company says the firm's famous robopooch isn't a word processor, but maybe it'll read your mail for you.
  From the Editor


The way you shop, work, and play (and who you idolize) online has been fundamentally altered by artificial intelligence. We help you navigate the next revolution.
  Japanese Aesthetics and High-Tech Design
The tea ceremony, ikebana, and bonsai are microcosms perfected -- just like cellphones, Web-enabled appliances, and other silicon gadgets.
  JDEX Update
The JDEX reflects the bad year that tech stocks had in 2001. We hope that Japan's economy -- and our index -- has bottomed out.
Market Entry Special
Entering Japan: Proceed with caution, but don't wait too long...


Our favorite fugu says "chiizu," picks at public toothpick use, and shares the innermost secrets of office ladies.

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