"Should murders incite presenters to cry live on TV?"

Today, something very unusual happened on breakfast television.

Minomonta cried live on air.

He cried whilst reading an excerpt from a young widow’s speech during her husband’s funeral. The husband had been shot whilst in hospital by a yakuza as the result of a case of mistaken identity. A very sad speech, it was made all the more emotive by Minomonta’s trembling voice and tears welling up in his eyes. The other program guests were all rather surprised by this sudden show of emotion but voiced support, saying “I would have cried too, if I wasn’t in front of a camera.”

Minomonta, one of the most respected and legendary television hosts, often presents the morning news with great emotional commentary, especially when the story involves innocent and random murders. However, this is the first time I have witnessed him cry live on TV.

Of course, if this wasn’t staged, then Minomonta was clearly having a bad morning and feeling extra sensitive (and therefore unable to control his emotions) – perhaps he ws hungover? Yet on the other hand, if this is staged, displaying his emotions takes the viewers attention away from the actual story, the audience enjoying a feeling of voyeurism at watching this great man crumble. With this kind of touchy-feely breakfast news, no wonder Minomonta continues to be loved by old people and bored housewives.


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Though neither an old person nor a bored housewife, I am a huge fan of Mino Monta's morning program, (though I did not have the chance to see it this morning). Nothing comes close to it in terms of capturing the pulse of the nation at large.

Mino Monta is ubiquitous. He is on TV at what seems to be all waking hours--starting at, God help him, 5:30 a.m. One need conviction and commitment to be on top at all hours of the day...and the easiest way to commit is to let loose with one's emotions. His most common emotion is glee--at the sheer luck at having become a star. The second most common is fury--at yet another absurd waste of taxpayer yen or another presumptuous act by a politician. He does, on occasion, also swing toward the maudlin.

I would think that the tears are real--as a television personality's tears can be.