A sense of déjà vu

When I traded the Nikkei during the nineties, every market rally was capped by a predictable flood of new equity issuance by cash starved, undercapitalized Japanese banks...

Bad news forces the yen higher

or perhaps the market has lost interest in the yen...



What doest the future hold?

Back at the end of 2008 Morgan Stanley and many of its peers faced a dire situation. They needed capital badly...

From crisis to crisis

For a government that has at various times tried to distinguish itself as putting policy before politics, the Asō government now closely resembles an immunocompromised patient desperately trying to fend off opportunistic infections, with the infections being political disorder within the LDP...

Thanks, you wasted my time.

No moment in sales is more powerful than meeting a new potential client for the first time, it’s like being superman, you get to create an image that you are the best sales-hero in Metropolis.

A reply to Randy Waterhouse on balancing

Randy Waterhouse graciously addressed some points I raised in response to his discussion of Japanese balancing behavior, and I would like to respond in turn.

Koike versus the "soft liners"

On Tuesday, Yuriko Koike, former defense minister and aspirant to the LDP presidency, announced her resignation as chair of the LDP's special committee on base countermeasures...

Protesting too much?

In a short span of time, Prime Minister Tarō Asō, Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura, and LDP Secretary-General Hiroyuki Hosoda rejected the attempt by Asō's opponents to link the LDP's performance in the July 12 Tokyo assembly election to Asō's future as LDP leader.

Green IT, Reality, Myths and Dreams by Flavio Souza

Suddenly, Green seems to be the solution for every trouble in the world (from layoffs to global warming). Therefore, technology could not be away from that reality.

Business from the ground up

During the numbing hangover of the post-bubble days of the early 1990s, a real estate man found himself wandering the streets of Tokyo looking for direction. In the mid-1980s, land in Ginza was said to be priceless while real estate in the remainder of Tokyo, wasn’t far off. But when the party was over at the end of the bubble era, the prices of overvalued properties came crashing down.


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