Body found in world's highest battlefield 38 years on

BBC World News - August 16, 2022 - 14:09
Chandrashekhar Harbola went missing in the Siachen glacier - the world's highest battlefield.
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Scott Morrison: Ex-Australia PM held five additional portfolios, Albanese says

BBC World News - August 16, 2022 - 14:08
PM Albanese says Mr Morrison held five extra portfolios but the ex-PM said he acted "in good faith".
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Liz Cheney: Trump’s nemesis faces Republican day of reckoning

BBC World News - August 16, 2022 - 12:19
Wyoming Republicans decide on Tuesday if Liz Cheney is a defender of the constitution or a "swamp rat".
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Sacheen Littlefeather: Oscars apologises to actress after 50 years

BBC World News - August 16, 2022 - 10:53
Sacheen Littlefeather rejected the award on Marlon Brando's behalf over representation in film.
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Trump warrant: Prosecutors oppose releasing search evidence

BBC World News - August 16, 2022 - 10:53
Prosecutors said making their affidavit public could cause "irreparable damage" to their inquiry.
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Afghan contractors: 'I wish I'd never worked for the UK government'

BBC World News - August 16, 2022 - 09:17
Afghan contractors left behind when the Taliban seized power tell the BBC they feel betrayed.
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Rudy Giuliani is target of Georgia election investigation

BBC World News - August 16, 2022 - 08:40
The ex-New York mayor, due to testify this week, dismissed the inquiry as politically motivated.
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Egypt church fire: Triplets and twins among 15 children killed

BBC World News - August 16, 2022 - 07:42
Details are emerging about some of the 15 children who died in Sunday's blaze at a Coptic church.
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Ranks of Japan's once-feared 'yakuza' shrink as new laws, weak economy hit home

Japan Society News - August 16, 2022 - 07:29
In a letter circulated last month to the heads of all the other "yakuza" underworld groups in Tokyo, the leadership of the Anegasaki-kai announced that it was voluntarily disbanding and thus no longer a part of Japan's notorious crime syndicate. (
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Japan wins Judo Junior World Championships Team Event

Japan Sports News - August 16, 2022 - 07:25
Brilliant performance by the youngsters. Tanaka Ryuga is something special. (Judo Highlights)
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Japanese residents and ministers visit controversial WWII Shrine

Japan Politics News - August 16, 2022 - 07:24
In Japan, several politicians and thousands of residents visited Tokyo's controversial Yasukuni shrine on the occasion of 77th anniversary of Japan's surrender which ended the 2nd World War. (WION)
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These asteroid particles may be our most 'pristine' sample of the outer solar system

Japan Technology News - August 16, 2022 - 07:22
Rubble retrieved from an asteroid in near-Earth solar orbit could be the most 'pristine' sample of cosmic rock we've had our primate paws on yet. (
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Anri Sakaguchi Announces Divorce 2 Months After Marriage Announcement

Japan Society News - August 16, 2022 - 07:17
Former talent Anri Sakaguchi has announced through her Instagram that the divorce she filed for has been finalized. (
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Japanese nurseries’ take-home dirty nappy rule perplexes parents

Japan Education News - August 16, 2022 - 07:02
Waiting lists for Japanese nurseries are finally falling, but many parents have found that securing one of the coveted places comes at a price – taking home their child’s soiled nappies. (
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Norway bridge collapse: Drivers of two vehicles rescued

BBC World News - August 16, 2022 - 02:45
The drivers of two vehicles have been rescued after a bridge collapsed into water in the south of Norway.
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Mar-a-Lago: FBI warns of increased threats after Trump search

BBC World News - August 16, 2022 - 02:45
A memo to law enforcement notes an uptick in "threats and acts of violence" since the Mar-a-Lago search.
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Kenya election result: William Ruto defies the odds for victory

BBC World News - August 16, 2022 - 01:44
Deputy President William Ruto was the underdog in the race for the presidency.
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Kenya election result delayed amid drama

BBC World News - August 15, 2022 - 23:51
Scuffles break out at the podium where the electoral commission was about to announce the results.
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Japanese economy marks third consecutive quarter of growth

Japan Business News - August 15, 2022 - 23:40
Japan's latest GDP figures show its economy grew in the April-to-June period for the third consecutive quarter. (NHK)
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Japanese teenager wins US Women's Amateur golf championship

Japan Sports News - August 15, 2022 - 23:26
Japanese teenager Baba Saki has won the 122nd US Women's Amateur golf championship. (NHK)
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