Tokyo election open thread

I was walking in Takadanobaba this afternoon and noticed a keijiban for the Tokyo election. As I looked over the candidates, I was having trouble finding the poster for the LDP candidate, which struck me as odd. After looking carefully at the posters, I finally found him.

Why was it so hard to locate the LDP candidate?

Because the name "LDP" was written in the smallest possible font while still being visible. The tiny light blue writing in the lower right hand corner, beneath the "ichi" in the candidate's name, is the sole indicator of the candidate's party affiliation.

The logo on the DPJ candidate's poster was small, but was still recognizable as the DPJ's logo. Here are the two posters — conveniently next to one another — for comparison.

With that story for an introduction, I am making this an open thread for things seen and heard during the campaign for the Tokyo assembly. Post your stories in the comments. And if you have good pictures, send them along and I'll post them on the blog.

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