JIN-457 -- Ireland Japan Relations

St Paddy's saw Omotesando closed off for the annual parade complete Guiness hot air balloons and Irish dancing. JIN takes a longer term look at the course of Ireland-Japan relations Read Now

JIN-447 -- UK-Japan Relations

2008 is not only the year of the mouse but also time to celebrate 'UK-Japan 2008', marking the 150th anniversary of Anglo-Japanese relations. We take a look at why Japan and the UK actually have a lot in common and trace the brief history of these two island countries.

JIN-443 -- Australia-Japan Relations

With the election of Kevin Rudd to the Australian premiership many have speculated that there will be a cooling down of bilateral relations with Japan. This week's JIN takes a long view of the dynamic between the two countries, from iron ore exports to whale hunting. Read Now

JIN-433 -- Meet Mr Fukuda

Yasuo Fukuda, the new Japanese PM, is grey, sober, unexciting. But what does this mean for the world? This week we look at some of the key international relationships that he will have to engage with. Read Now

JIN-428 -- India-Japan Relations

If Mr. Abe has gone to India to escape the heat, he is probably in for a disappointment, although he is at least out of the political heat back home for a while. But what is Mr. Abe doing there and what does this visit mean for the alleged convergence in India-Japan relations? Read Now

JIN-421 -- Whale Riders vs. Whale Eaters

This week's newsletter takes in rugby, judo, The Last Samurai, and even a junior high school English textbook as it attempts to paint a picture of Japan-New Zealand relations and their political, cultural and commercial dimensions. Read Now

JIN-416 -- Chirac's Foreign Affairs

Secret bank accounts, illicit affairs, slush funds, love children, sumo, manga and Franco-Japanese relations.
All featuring in this week's Japan Inc Newsletter Read Now


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