The West Doesn't Need Browser Phones

All the points justifying use of Web-related activities in the West are either technical or financial (see Wireless Watch No. 8). Mr. Scuka failed to present even a single point relating to content itself. Hello Kitty cartoons are attractive to Japanese. What is the alternative to westerners? Flinston on a Keitai? Not. Streaming videos on thumbnail-sized displays? Are they better than on full-sized screens? Most people will appreciate 42", 50" or even larger screens, so why bother with a cellular phone disguising itself as a home cinema? Japanese are confined to two hours rides on crowded trains, where speaking loudly is unacceptable, and thus can spare such time to i-moding. What is the alternative in the West? The only time available for such a singular activity as playing with a ketai [when not driving] is probably in the rest room. The only semi viable other attraction seems to be location-related services, but then depicting maps on tiny displays is analogous to a person with 6/6 sight using +10 diopters spectacles ... Messaging does not require i-mode, but is done better with Blackberry and similar fruits of the USA loom.

Unless Mr. Scuka will suggest a really compelling, killer application for westerners, most will not see as attractive "High-speed digital packets delivered at a low cost per byte". They just would not "bite" on it.