Clash Course-Correction

I wish that the author of this article (see "Clash Course") had pointed out the fact that there is also a glass ceiling in American companies. American companies are all too happy to take in immigrants as IT workers, and to benefit from their hard work and intelligence. However, those workers don't seem to be promoted into high positions as often as they deserve. At some (most?) American companies, Asians with higher education levels and qualifications tend to get paid less than their less-qualified white coworkers. Why is this?

A case can be made that American companies are rather two-faced about this whole thing: they pretend to welcome diversity, but not if it means letting nonwhites make important decisions. Please try to be more balanced in your reporting next time. It isn't Japan that has hundreds of hate groups trying to keep their country "pure" -- it is America and other Western countries.

Richard Reyes