A Hankering for Games

Dear Sirs,

I'm interested in the handheld and video game console markets, especially hardware development and innovations. Given the upcoming releases of XBox and GameCube this year, I wonder if you are focusing on this?

Since Nintendo and Sony are currently the dominant players in the video console market, I think a social phenomena approach to a feature would be of interest to your general reader, as it would be to me, since I suspect many readers have this interest in Japan, as well as that of technology and business. The handheld gaming market, with Nintendo dominating and Bandai also from Japan, also adds to this reasoning.

As your recent article on Shuji Nakamura, Blue About Japan, described well some aspects of life in Japan, it could also be noted that the games industry developed in Japan due to certain cultural or social factors. The result of this, digital entertainment, has been embraced worldwide. Is there an angle here that appeals to you?

As you may well know, revenue from the games market is approaching that of the film industry. Please take a look at the games industry and see if it doesn't fit well somewhere within your editorial objectives.

While, I'm asking, let me add that I am also interested in the Pachinko market and its technology and hardware development as well.

In closing, I owe you all at J@pan Inc my sincere thanks. I do very much enjoy reading your magazine. I wish you continued success.

Best regards,

Jeff Behr

Editor's reply: Jeff, thanks for the suggestion. We do have something coming up related to your note, but you've given us some other ideas as well, so thanks.