"A round-up of recent “mistakes” — some more genuine than others"

A round-up of recent “mistakes”—some more genuine than others

Self-defense forced:

The NHK are in trouble again after broadcasting their one-sided views and “forgetting” to balance the argument. In a news report about the NHK being sued by a citizens’ group, the broadcaster aired only their one-sided defense, failing to include the points of views from the citizens’ group. The Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization (BRC) said it was a “broadcasting ethics violation, lacking in fairness and impartiality.”

The NHK were forced to apologize, saying “We take this issue on board seriously and will endeavor to raise our broadcasting morals.”


Obviously not a mistake:

A 56-yearold figure skating coach, Yasuji Sakai, was arrested for the alleged rape of a 13-year old girl he was training. The brutal rape, in which Sakai had strangled the girl to keep her quiet, took place when the girl was sleeping at his familial house. According to the girl’s mother, Sakai initially said that he had mistaken the girl for his wife. He later retracted this statement and said he was actually drunk.


Privacy Problems:

The education board from Chiba prefecture accidentally sent out an email newsletter to 375 people, forgetting to hide all their email addresses so everyone could see.

Chiba prefecture had to send another email following this incident, requesting for everyone to delete that email. They said in a statement: “Regarding personal information, we will endeavor to return to being cautious and prevent this mistake from happening again.”


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