"Other news you might have missed"

Although earthquakes, cyclones and other world disasters are understandably dominating the media at present, here is a selection of Japan related news that you may have missed:

Film Cameras Officially dead in Japan – Wired Magazine:

According Wired Magazine, only 529 (35mm) film cameras were made in Japan in February, and, because recently there have been so few sales of these already-old-school cameras, the trade body CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) have even stopped compiling sales figures. Wired reports that 5,417,563 digital cameras were sold in January, up 128% from the previous year. In contrast, only 1580 film cameras were sold in the same month, a tiny 2.8% of those sold in January 2007.


McCartney infuriated by ‘eco-car horror’- The Evening Standard:

London’s Evening Standard newspaper report that former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney is furious after his new eco-friendly car was flown 11,265km from Japan to Britain, leaving a carbon footprint of 38,050 kg of carbon dioxide—the equivalent of driving the car around the world six times! After being offered a gift from Lexus, the article says that McCartney decided to choose the hybrid limo as his eco car, although the article doesn’t mention why the car was in Japan in the first place.


New Zealand welcomes first steps towards FTA with Japan:

The Wellington regional chamber of commerce press release announces that “New Zealand and Japan have agreed to do a study on the benefits of a free-trade deal.”

Charles Finny, the chamber’s Chief Executive said: “This has been a high priority for us for some time and we are pleased that such progress has been made and that this agreement has been reached.” According to the report, the FTA would be a good way for Japan to enhance its food security in tumultuous times we are now facing regarding food shortages.


Murdoch’s Fox goes local; eyes India, Russia, Japan & Germany – Businessofcinema.com:

The website Business of Cinema reports that Fox Filmed Entertainment is launching Fox International Productions (FIP) to produce and acquire local language films for key global territories, meaning that Murdoch will enter the Japanese film market by partnering with local producers and filmmakers and making strategic production agreements. At the time of writing, however, the article misspells Murdoch as Mudroch in the title. Whoops.


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