"Chinese sex toys are poisonous...?"

At last, experts say that the whole gyoza scandal is being exaggerated.
After 11 days of media panic on this issue, the Yomiuri Shimbun reports that most of the 2,700 reported cases of gyoza side-affects are the result of ill health that may not be linked to the methamidophos pesticide found in the dumpling. According to the article, only the original 10 cases of ill effects are confirmed to be organophosphate poisoning.

Yet, apart from the Yomiuri, the media continue to rave about the dangers of eating Chinese produce. One extreme case being an article found on the Mainichi Daily News website. Not only is this article blatantly anti-Sino, it also manages to link Chinese dumplings with China-made sex toys, warning that both are just as dangerous to your health. The article entitled: “Don't risk rubbing your gal the wrong way with second-rate sex toys from China.” The article manages to stride through a whole host of serious “facts,” from implying that Shukan Jitsuwa, a tabloid weekly magazine, is “remarkably prophetic” for suggesting that China is a health hazard to blatantly saying that (quoting a Chinese man to make it “true! Not racist!”), “If a cook finds a speck of dog poop on meat, he'll just rinse it off and serve to a customer.”

They even manage to slide in some truly poetic prose. Take this as an example: “To wit, damsels demanding delights through diddling with a dildo -- whether developed in Dalian or devised in Dongguan -- hazard destructive damage.”
The concept of the article is that Chinese sex toys contain poisonous substances and particularly those in the sex industry are most at risk as where “such devices are frequently put to use by lecherous customers, have been heard to moan -- and not from pleasure -- that soon after a session with a pink rotary vibrator their nether parts "became inflamed" or "began itching persistently.”

A round of applause should definitely go to the Mainichi Shimbun and Shukan Jitsuwa’s collaboration for attempting to make Chinese sex toys a legitimate point of concern following the health fear regarding China’s frozen foods.

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Less sexy, but related: Last year New Zealand was talking about unhealthy kids' clothing from China http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/4170006a6005.html and also toothpaste http://neon.otago.ac.nz/chemistry/magazine/magazine.php?csNum=117

Then there were findings about bad food from China. I don't remember the details. But I do remember the recommendation to check where food is coming from and to leave all things from China on the shelf. Perhaps not that easy to do in Japan. The good side about those rather blunt recommendations is efficiency! It hits them where it hurts most — in their wallets.

As for Chinese sex toys, it should be possible to replace these by other means and things ... but yet, I am not aware of all the tools and toys used in the Japanese sex industry or at home. If it is similar to the extend Japanese like electronic gadgets, then it might indeed be not that simple to avoid Chinese sex toys.

Probably you will buy some products from China, not best quality, but not take all the products in China are bad. Think about your action before you buy from China, why you will pay Chinese companies less money ? If you pay the same high price as you buy in Japan or other countries, I think you also can buy the best quality products.Nowdays, Chinese products are popular all over the world, and quality has improved a lot,in many industry China has top brand, such as "Lenovo, Gree, Haier,Huawei.... And for sex toys, almost 70% sex toys in the world are made by Chinese companies, I think the amount indicates that people like Chinese products.

At the same time, Japan also has bad quality issue, such as Mistubas,TOYOTA and some other big companies have bad quality issue for autos, electronics. What do you think ? Bad quality ?

Be fair to all!

As for Chinese sex toys, it should be possible to replace these by other means and things ... but yet, I am not aware of all the tools and toys used in the Japanese sex industry or at home.

good post. Thanks, very helpful!