"NHK cause trouble again"

The NHK are under the spotlight again with yet another embarrassing story although this time, luckily it’s more of a silly faux pas rather than an outright scandal.

Whilst filming a drama program in Chiba prefecture, the NHK film-crew, without consent, placed lots of fake number-plates on the cars which were in the background of the shots they were taking. Whilst the film-crew was engaged elsewhere, one of the owners of the car drove away without being aware of their car’s bogus plates. It being illegal to drive around with a fake number-plate, the NHK were forced to call the police and tried to search for the missing car without any luck.

Just days after NHK’s insider trading scandal where President, Genichi Hashimoto, was forced to take responsibility and resign, the NHK have caused yet another stir with a ridiculous mistake that makes them look totally incompetent.

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