"NHK journalists accused of insider trading"

Yesterday, the scandal plagued NHK fell foul of bad press again for allegations of insider trading. Three NHK journalists have been accused under the Securities and Exchange Act for investing in stocks that they knew would be broadcast later on. According to the NHK, from 5pm to 9pm last night, the broadcast station received over 150 calls of complaint.NHK are now conducting internal investigations into the allegations.

The former President, Genichi Hashimoto, is expected to take responsibility for this scandal and end his tenure on the 24th of this month. Attention is now on the new President’s handling of the situation once the results from the investigation are announced.

NHK have been going through troubled times for a number of years, with scandals such as altering broadcasts based on political pressure lowering the broadcaster’s reputation as a credible news source. The result has been an increase in people refusing to pay the NHK license fees, forcing the company to slash its budgets.

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