"Asashoryu makes a comeback"

Never a day goes by without Grand Champion(Yokozuna) Asashoryu getting attention in the press. He has finally come off his two tournament ban for being caught playing soccer in Mongolia whilst feigning an ankle injury to skip an exhibition sumo tournament in Japan. After constant berating in the press, Asashoryu has finally started to prove himself as a Yokozuna by defeating Goeido yesterday at the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament.

However, during his ban, the media were fuming at the Yokozuna’s “lack of respect for the art of sumo.” Asashoryu, on his return to Japan after the torrid soccer affair in Mongolia, was often compared to the disgraced Kameda Daiki. Daiki had lost his boxing match again Naito, despite using dirty tactics such as elbowing the eyes. In Daiki’s case, his father and coach as well as his professional boxing brother Kouki were shamed for telling Daiki to repeatedly foul. However, slowly but surely the Kameda’s are making a come-back, with Kouki starting training again and the press responding favorably.

Both Kameda and Asashoryu are often compared to each other. Both have a fondness for wearing fur coats and both boast a huge ego. Coincidentally, both were disgraced in the same year and now, with the new year, both are making a come-back and the media slowly warming up to them now that the witch-hunt storm is slowly subsiding.



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