"certain types of people are all child-beating, bad-influencing ex-porn stars?"

A recent Japan Times article reports what was written in the Shukan Bunshun – a weekly tabloid magazine. The original article is basically a class-ist, discriminatory, unfair report on former ‘Kogyaru.’ The Japan Times article is titled “Kogyaru grow into monster mums” and repeats excerpts from the original such as: “Generation kogyaru has come of age. Heaven help their kids.”

The Japan Times, after listing what “kogyaru are” (prostitutes in thick make-up apparently), goes on to say “No party lasts forever. The teens of the '90s are the twentysomethings of today — and what kind of mothers do they make? "Monster mothers," says Shukan Bunshun.”

Shukan Bunshun, a tabloid weekly magazine, focuses on sensationalism and articles full of opinions and bias. The Japan Times, however, is a newspaper which requires journalistic integrity to be upheld. By reporting what the Shukan Bunshun reports, the Japan Times is failing to give any media analysis and impartiality and are spilling prejudiced reports into its newspaper. They could have made this article into an interesting, well-researched piece about how the Japanese media portray kogyaru but apparently, they prefer to ride on the notion that these certain types of people are all child-beating, bad-influencing ex-porn stars that people of “our classes” should look down on with disdain.

This was a highly disappointing piece of journalism.

For the article, see here: http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/fd20071216t1.html

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Pretty sad and familiar story though, you can see these girls following this path.