"Is this the beginning of the end of the fight about the Nanking Massacre?"

Yesterday saw the 70th commemoration in China of the ‘Nanking Massacre’
The Associated Press (AP) reports:

“In line with the move to boost relations with Japan, reports on the anniversary and commemorations in the entirely state-controlled media have been understated, avoiding mention of long-standing demands for greater displays of contrition from Tokyo.”

AP ended the report with:

“Japan has fringe groups that deny any atrocity took place, saying the massacre was a fabrication of the Communist government. Their denials and Tokyo's more assertive foreign policy have touched off Chinese fears of a revival of Japanese militarism.”
Nanking MassacreSoldiers at the 70th Nanking Massacre Commemoration: Photo courtesy of Associated Press

However, The Asahi Shimbun’s report on the commemoration has been sympathetic to the event and no mention of the denials was made :


Translated roughly as:

“Under the cold sky, approximately 8,000 survivors of the incident and townspeople people took part. 70 years after the tragedy, the victims grieved.”

Although the Yomiuri Shimbun was less sentimental, nevertheless they reported it as fact and made no mention of the denials.

Is this the beginning of the end of the fight about the Nanking Massacre?

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