Market Turbulence Quiz

Page 1: Here is a list of a few market-related events in the last fifty years. Indicate on the right whether you think they were good, indifferent or bad times for investing in stocks.

The Savings & Loans Debacle [1]
Publication of Dow 36,000: The New Strategy for Profiting From the Coming Rise in the Stock Market [2]
The Mexican Crisis [3]
The Russian Default [4]
The Business Week Cover Entitled ‘The Death of Equities‘ [5]
The Assassination of President Kennedy [6]
The Invasion of Iraq (i.e. Round II) [7]
The Collapse of Long Term Capital Management [8]
President Nixon’s Resignation [9]
The Asian Crisis [10]
The crash of ‘87 [11]
The Cuban Missile Crisis [12]
The Latin American Debt Crisis [13]
9/11 [14]

If you are happy with your choices, click on which will take you to page 2 of 4 of the quiz. (Pages 3 and 4 will show your results.)